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Happy New Year Girls and a couple guys!!


Brrrrrrrr! We have a little SNOW this morning and that makes for a good SEWING day so I plan to do that after this letter.


We have barely been in the shop during January but better safe than sorry.


We have purchased plenty of new fabric for you. We have a variety of new fabrics to choose from that I purchased during the holidays in fact several thousand $$$ worth. I also have in a new order from Marcus Bros that was shipped to us while we have been off. Also new notions including new thread that you all like. Now if we can just get down there to open the shop.


You can also check out our new heating units we had to purchase. If you haven’t heard, we were robbed during the last week of December and we lost some antique tools and the two units. They did not get into the shop. Our neighborhood still has a robber and this time they hit another home and out building and the little Catholic Church on the hill. Can you even imagine stealing from a church?


CLASS IN FEBRUARY: Debbie has been asked to teach Trip Around the World again so it will be on Saturday, Feb 23rd. Contact Debbie for the Supply List.


We are planning some new classes but I have not chosen dates yet, waiting on the weather this spring. You can be thinking about the classes and if you want to participate. More information will be given on these classes next month.


·        Let’s make your 221 Featherweight Case look “like new again”? This will be a fun class and all you need to bring is your case and an apron. Supplies will be provided

·        2018 Mystery Quilt – some of you missed this class and it is too easy to pass up. Makes a perfect lap quilt or baby quilt

·        Bull’s Eye – This is an older pattern that I made many years ago and use it during January on the bed since it is so warm. Originally the pattern was shown in dark colors but I really like the brighter ones I am seeing. You can make this with some of your larger scraps.

Let me know if you are interested in any of these just for planning purposes.


MARK YOUR CALENDAR: 2019 Mystery Saturday will be October 19th which is a week early this year!! The quilt is made and we will be making a 2-color quilt that is gorgeous. Choose a color to use with white or cream and you will want to purchase different patterns of the color you choose and you can use different left over white/creams you may have.  So there you go, your first clue. If you think you will take this class, let me know. We always have it at the Laurel Co Extension Office.


Speaking of the Extension Office, we had a wonderful time at Jabez again this year. If you have never attended, make an effort to do so for 2020. Last year filled up fast so get your applications in quickly after they post the information. It is nice to have a little get away after the holidays and experience a new teacher.


Please remember Farmhouse Friends and think about how you can help us make blankets/quilts for these kids. We need people to crochet, bind quilts, tie quilts, sew flannel tops, and quilt tops. Over the winter we have received a huge donation of fabric from a lady that lost her husband and is moving from the area. Thanks to Bob and Lil and Elbert and Hacker for helping pick this fabric up and deliver to the farmhouse.  Cathy Simms also received a large portion of this fabric, etc for the dog beds she makes for the shelter. Girls, we use everything we are given and we appreciate the help we receive when you help us. Farmhouse Friends is a club project!


We will resume our basket making classes in the spring. We have at least 10 girls attending these classes and we all enjoy the classes and teacher so much. Here’s to another good year of basket making.


Hope you are enjoying your winter doing what you love to do best. I am still hoping for a BIG SNOW!




If Laurel Co. Schools are closed due to SNOW; then the Farmhouse is CLOSED.


I still have ONE Singer Featherweight 221 for sale.


Farmhouse Hours Tuesday 10-4

Friday 10-4


We continue to give the $20 Gift Certificate each month


Paula Philpot

Paula's Quilting Pantry