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Hello Girls


We have had a wonderful summer!! A little bit more rain than normal but we can’t do anything about that. I did some canning last week. A friend of mine gave me a recipe for relish and it is wonderful. A friend of Elbert’s gave me several bushels of beautiful tomatoes. We have a small garden but not enough tomatoes to can. We plan to have a bigger garden next year now that Elbert is no longer working!! He said it is easy to plan a garden during the winter. Lol. We did not have one when I was young cause we lived in town.  I am not used to working in a garden so he does that and I do the canning. Besides, a woman has to have time to sew and quilt no matter what the season! Hope all of you had good days this summer and found time to sew a little in between all other activities.   Good Luck to all the farmhouse teachers going back to school this month.

Farmhouse will not be open on Saturdays this month.


Classes/Fun Times for August:  (email  me to be put on list for a specific Class and receive supply list)


1st, Saturday, Mountain Laurel Quilters meeting at the Laurel Co Extension Office 10 a.m.


4th, Tuesday, Checkerboard Christmas, this class is a favorite! Come and take the class with Debbie and see what everyone is talking about. $10. Bring your own lunch and class starts at 10 a.m. till 3:00.


7th , Friday Sewing Day 10-4. Come sew with us this summer.




11th, Tuesday, Farmhouse Friends 10-4 Potluck, We would love to have you help us, always have a job for someone.


14th, Friday Sewing Day 10-4. Come sew with us


18th, Tuesday, Basket Day, Judy will be back today and we will be making a Reverse Spiral Market Basket. Can’t wait for this one. Bring your own lunch. If interested, email me and I will send price when I hear from Judy.


21st and 22nd, Friday and Saturday, Annual Farmhouse Retreat. We start sewing on Friday at 10:00 a.m., lunch and supper is furnished. We will sew into the evening, and then return on Saturday at 10:00 for another day and evening of sewing.  We will have left over’s for Saturday and we can always order out for pizza. Drinks will be available for 50 cents if you don’t want to fool with bringing your own….wonder what we will have for dessert?  This year, I want you to register for this. Just email and I will put you on the list.   


28th, Friday Sewing Day 10-4. Come and sew with us


Please email me if you are interested in the classes! You are invited to Sit and Sew any day we are open except Farmhouse Friends Day.


Farmhouse Hours for Summer

Tuesday 10-4, Friday 10-4, we are closed on Saturday unless we have a class scheduled. I will open on Saturday for a group by request and you need to call a few days ahead


We continue to do the $20 Gift Certificate each month

Certificate must be used within 30 days

July winner will be chosen this Friday, If you win, I will call

Quilting Folklore

Place a cat on a just finished quilt and have 3 or 4 girls grasp edges. The girl closest to where the cat jumps off will be the next bride.


God NEVER makes mistakes

Paula Philpot

Paula's Quilting Pantry