Farmhouse Newsletter

Dear Quilters

September and fall are upon us and it is going to be a busy month.


We had the Farmhouse Retreat in August and we had a very good attendance with a lot of projects started and some completed. Everyone loved the food, fellowship and door prizes.


The Mountain Laurel Quilters will be having our quilt show, “A Quilt Gathering” in October. Information about the quilt show can be found here this month:  

Also, Rockcastle Homemakers sponsor a fun time in Jabez Ky in January each year. You can find information about that by checking here now:

Hope you can join us in October and January at these events.


Farmhouse will not be open on Saturdays this month.


Classes/Fun Times for Sept:  (email  me to be put on list for a specific Class and receive supply list)


4th , Friday Sewing Day 10-4. Come sew with us.


5th , Saturday, Mountain Laurel Quilters meeting at the Laurel Co Extension Office 10 a.m.


8th, Tuesday, Farmhouse Friends 10-4 Potluck, We would love to have you help us, always have a job for someone.


11th , Friday Sewing Day 10-4. Come sew with us this summer.


15th, Tuesday, Basket Day, 9:30- 3. $25.00. This month we will be making a circular basket with a wooden base…sounds like fun. Judy Ridings is the teacher.


18th, Friday Sewing Day 10-4. Come and sew with us


25th , Friday Sewing Day 10-4. Come and sew with us


30th, Wednesday, 10-12, free. I will be teaching Tools of the Trade at the Laurel County Extension Office. If you have always wanted to know about sewing/quilting tools, please come to this lecture.


Please email me if you are interested in the classes! You are invited to Sit and Sew any day we are open except Farmhouse Friends Day.


Farmhouse Hours for Summer

Tuesday 10-4, Friday 10-4, we are closed on Saturday unless we have a class scheduled. I will open on Saturday for a group by request and you need to call a few days ahead


We continue to do the $20 Gift Certificate each month

Certificate must be used within 30 days

August winner was Jenny Mullins

Quilting Folklore

Never begin a quilt on Friday and never quilt at all on Sunday.


God NEVER makes mistakes


Paula Philpot

Paula's Quilting Pantry