Farmhouse Newsletter

 Hi Girls and Guy


We reopened the Farmhouse on June 2nd and we have had a very good month. We are wearing our masks, our customers are wearing their masks, we are distancing, and everyone seems to be enjoying getting to purchase more fabric. We have sold a lot of batting and backings for all those quilts you all have made during the quarantine. Thanks to everyone who has visited the shop since June 2nd and want to make sure they always have a local quilt shop to visit.


My new order of fabric has arrived and I am tickled to have it. As you have probably noticed, not everything you want is at your grocery store. Likewise with the fabric warehouses I shop. I am so happy I had started ordering fabrics back in January and February;  I was able to get those orders plus other items I had chosen in the last few months.  I should have something you are looking for.  I figure some of you have depleted your fabric closet and need to come shopping. So….we still have the same days and hours Tuesday and Friday 10-4. We are still keeping the following rules for safety:


*  YOU MUST wear a MASK or face covering when you come to the Farmhouse

*  If you have a temperature or feel sick, please do not come

*  If you need supplies but do not want to come in the shop, please call me @ 606-231-2543 or txt and I will fill your order and bring out to your car.

*  The Classroom area will be closed to customers.

*  You know we will want to hug you since it has been awhile but Andy says “We cannot be doing that”

*  If you have any questions please write and ask me.


Child, things will get a little easier when the world is much brighter.  We humans are all in one community fighting together. To escape the cage of despair, please keep in mind We know that this shall pass, and we need to hold on. Meanwhile, try to laugh and smile; keep your heads up.


NOTICE: For the ones of you on the 30’s reproduction list, I have your order ready from June 2nd. this order had 3 pieces in it.

                I have the NEW 30’s fabrics from this week’s delivery ready for pick up also. This order had 8 pieces of fabric. 3 of the bolts were not full bolts so on these 3 everyone at least got a fat quarter

The 30’s fabrics are still VERY POPULAR so YOU MUST pick up your preorders for the 30’s that I have waiting by August 1 or they will no longer be held for you. Too many people want these fabrics and right now there just are not enough to go around unless you are on the list. The wholesalers are taking a hit like the grocery stores on certain items.       


I have an account now with the Featherweight Shop and can get you anything you might need for your featherweight or 301. I also have access to all the parts for the Featherweight 221’s. If you are needing a special foot let me know. Did you know there is a SCANT ¼” FOOT? Do you need needles or oil, thread holder, bobbin holder, etc? Do you have trouble winding your bobbin or does your side table on your machine not stand up, I have the parts to fix these. Just let me know.


As you know, we are always looking for help with Farmhouse Friends, our club charity. We love making blankets for people in need. We meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Farmhouse. We will be limited to 10 people. Since we have been back in the shop Debbie, Lil and Sandy P have delivered many blankets, quilts and pillowcases to our charities. Please think about taking an interest in this with us. We appreciate all the help we can get.


Check out our supply wall and see if there is something you need. You might need a gift for your guild or just a Be Happy Gift for a friend. Have you checked your thread supply lately? A lot of customers have been buying up extra thread ….just in case. I think that is a good idea too. Oh and what about those rotary blades do you need any of those?   


We have plenty of batting and I restocked the Twin size this week. I bought two new lines of backings and one of them is POLKA DOTs and they are just “yummy”. I guess you can tell I have been listening to Leann Morgan, comedian.  I also bought a lot of new CHRISTMAS FABRICS. 


I have started a Facebook group called Paula’s Quilting Pantry and if you would like to join send me a request on the fb page. July 1 we will be starting a Leader Ender project thru our group.


Since we had been closed for 3 months, I decided to pull 3 names from our tickets for the month of June for $20 gift certificates. Check below to see if your name is a winner!


Remember last month’s newsletter had a free gift if you read to the end? Thanks to all of you for reading to the end and requesting your free gift. Hope you started cutting fabrics. So happy to have YOU as a customer.



Farmhouse Hours Tuesday 10-4

Friday 10-4

We  give a $20 Gift Certificate each month

June winners are Carla Layton, Margaret and Mitzi

Certificate must be used within 30 days

Paula Philpot

Paula's Quilting Pantry