Farmhouse Newsletter

Hi Girls!!!


We have had a very nice summer at the Farmhouse. Have YOU been down to see us? We  have a lot to choose from and I am sure there will be something we have that will make your trip worthwhile.

We have a very good selection of 30’s fabrics along with the matching solids. We have fat quarters available for these already cut. We continue to have our Civil War fabric that so many people love. A nice selection of baby, navy/red, brights, black and whites , blenders, homespun, polka dots, Christmas, white on whites and cream on creams along with a wide selection of solids. Remember, we also love our backings. We have precut ones and some on bolts. Your quilt will look so good with one of our backings.


As you know, we started being open on Saturdays for the summer. Some of you have been down during that time and seem to appreciate the weekend opening. We definitely will continue this thru August and some of September; the hours are 10-3.  Our “school teacher customers” have enjoyed sewing on Saturdays with us during the summer adding to their joy of being off for awhile. We will definitely miss them next week when school starts back.


We have had several classes on Saturdays and we are very appreciative to our class teachers for the classes they have been willing to teach. A Saturday class a month in the fall may be an option. The Saturday classes this summer have been well attended. Let me know if you would like to be able to take a Saturday class during the fall.


We have had a lot of donations this summer of yarn, fabric, thread, books, etc. for use with our club charity, Farmhouse Friends. People know if they have lost a loved one or someone can no longer sew, we will take their stash and put it to good use.  We make blankets from fleece and flannel and also quilts from our cotton fabrics. We sew pillowcases and crochet blankets. We then pin a bookmarker to each item so the recipient will know where their item came from.  We send anything we cannot use to a club member who makes Dog beds from our leftover. We have a posting in the classroom of the number of items we have donated during the past two years. We so appreciate each club member of Mountain Laurel Quilters and other friends who donate their time and talent to this cause….you know…it takes a village, I mean “a club”, to make this happen.  


Classes & Fun Times to look forward to:


If you would like to see a pic of any of our class projects, please let me know. All classes begin at10 so get there early to set up.


Saturday, August 3rd , Mountain Laurel Quilters Club at the Laurel Co Extension Office. We start the meeting at 10 am. You can visit to see if you want to join. We start at 10am

Saturday, August 10th, Scarecrow Door Hanging, will be taught by Sandy Wilson starting at 10 am. $10 You must sign up to reserve your spot and receive the supply list. The class is FULL but Sandy might be persuaded to teach a second class.

Tuesday, August 13th  Farmhouse Friends, please come and help us sew or crochet items for our list of people in need. I promise YOU will be the one blessed.

Saturday, August 17th,  CLOSED today due to prior engagement. Our baby donkey will be born within the next week starting today.   

Saturday, August 24th, Sue Dee will be teaching an original quit she designed. It is on display and we have 5 openings. Class starts at 10 am and $10. You must sign up to reserve your spot and receive the supply list.

Saturday, August 31st, It’s Saturday and we will be open. I will let you know if we schedule a class.

Saturday, Sept 14th, Sweet Nothings , will be taught by Mary Lou. This quilt is also on display and made out of 30’s. $10 and we start at 10 am.


Featherweights and Supplies, I have one Featherweight 221 for sale right now and I always have supplies for these precious sewing machines. If I don’t have something you need, I can get it for you. We also clean and repair these older Singer machines.  Let me know if you need something.


We like to make your shopping experience a good one so with every $20 you spend, you receive a ticket for a chance to win $20 each month.


Farmhouse Hours Tuesday 10-4

Friday 10-4

Saturday 10-3 except 1st Saturday of the month

We continue to give the $20 Gift Certificate each month

Certificate must be used within 30 days

June winner: Betty Weaver

July winner: Sandy Painter


Love like you have never been hurt!!

Paula Philpot

Paula's Quilting Pantry